Due to Streamline limiting some of the functions on most laptops, it can be difficult to update your Zoom application to the latest version.  Below are the steps you can take to successfully update your install to the latest version.  The best workaround for now is to Uninstall the old version on your computer and then install the latest version.  It may sound like a lengthy process, but it is quite easy and quick.

Please follow the steps below for Windows 10 devices to Uninstall Zoom:

  • Close Zoom application if it is open
  • Right Click on Start Button
  • Choose Apps and Features
  • Scroll down through your installed apps until you find Zoom
  • Click on Zoom and select Uninstall

Now that Zoom is uninstalled, we will go and get the latest version of Zoom and install that:

That's it!  You should now have the latest version of Zoom.  You will just need to log back into your Zoom account to enjoy all of the latest features Zoom has to offer.