How to OPT in to receive Cell Phone Call and Text Message notifications from your school.

  • Step 1: Your cell phone number must be on file at your child’s school.
  • Step 2: Text “YES” to 67587 

For help information, text “HELP” to 67587 

To opt-out at any time, text “STOP” to 67587

Why is my school asking me to okay receiving telephone calls or text messages?

Under a federal law designed to protect consumers, we have to get your permission to send non-emergency

messages to a mobile phone by automated voice call or SMS text. It’s also just a good idea, so that we’re sure

the message is going to the right phone number for the right person.

This permission only is needed for automated voice calls and texts. Permission isn’t necessary for other calls

from the school, like you might get directly from a teacher, principal, or other staff member.

I’ve never been asked about phone calls before. Is this new?

It’s not completely new. But the rules were recently updated to make it clear that we need the recipient’s

okay to send non-emergency automated phone notifications, as well as SMS text messages, to a mobile phone

number. To comply with the law, contact information must be current.

What if there’s an emergency?

In an emergency, we'll call or text you as long as we have your contact information on file. The law has an

exception for calls made for “emergency purposes,” which is usually a situation affecting the health and safety

of consumers