As you troubleshoot the Yoga Series laptops, you may encounter an issue where the laptop will not power on or boot Windows properly. Try the following steps:

  1. Verify the computer is completely shut down – depress the power button for 10 seconds.Make sure power adapter is unplugged.
  2. Use a paperclip, toothpick, or other small object to depress the Reset Button (you will feel a slight click).
  3. After 5 seconds remove the tool you used to depress the Reset Button.
  4. Plug power adapter back into the ThinkPad.
  5. Press the power button to start the computer normally.

Photo of X1 Carbon Reset button

Close up of reset button on X1 Carbon

The location of the reset button will vary depending on the model of the computer.  Typically the reset button can be found close to the middle screw on either the left or right side of the laptop when it is turned upside down.  Pressing the reset button does not clear the system’s BIOS settings or destroy data on the machine.