Parents may create an account on the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal to view their student’s grades, attendance information, lunch balances/fees, and more. From this account, they will be able to view multiple children, as well as set when and how often they would like to receive updates – including receiving the daily bulletin.

Step 1:

For a parent to create a new account and link to their child, they will need to have their student’s access ID and password. The school will provide parents/guardians with this access information.

Note: This is the student’s access account information, not the parent’s actual username and password. Parents/Guardians will create their own account which is linked to their child’s/children’s account.

Step 2:

Using the access account information provided by your school, go to the public login for PowerSchool found at the link shown here:

Step 3:

From the home screen, select the tab Create Account.

Step 4:

Determine your username and password. This will be your new permanent user name and password.

Step 5: Under Link Students to Account, use the student’s Access ID and Access password provided by the school. Please note, Access ID and Passwords are case sensitive and are unique to each student.

If you have multiple students, please refer to their corresponding Access ID and Passwords. This initial screen will allow you to add up to seven children. When you have completed entering your children, scroll to the bottom and click Enter.

Step 6:

Return to the homepage and use your login to access the student’s account.

**Use the login created during Step 4.