Logging on to PowerSchool:

Follow the link to the PowerSchool Parent Portal website

Getting to the Registration Form:

Click on the link to the Annual Registration Form at the top of the left-side navigation menu.

Verifying and Making Changes:

Student Information

  • Verify that the information On File with the School about your child is correct on the left side
  • Make any adjustments to the information on the right side. Be sure to use suggested formats where applicable.

Parents/Guardians Information

  • Review the contacts associated with your child
    • For each contact, verify that the phone numbers and email addresses are correct
      • Ensure that there is a primary email address as this is the most frequent method of contacting parents. 
      • Click on the Edit Contact Information or Edit Address Information button to make changes (add, delete, edit) to your:
        • Relationship
        • Emergency Contact status
        • Employer
        • Phone(s)
        • Email(s)
        • Address(es)


  • Requesting additional contacts
    • Fill out the Request association with a new contact form
      • For example, you wish to designate the child’s aunt to be an emergency contact and she is not already listed in the contacts list
      • Provide a name and as much additional information for us to locate the contact and associate them with you child
      • Click Submit
      • You can request association with as many new contacts are you wish. There is no limit.

Custody Information and Family Doctor

  • Fill in these sections, making changes on the right where applicable

Agreements and Permissions:

For each of the consents, agreements and questions listed:

  • Fields marked with an asterisk(*) require you to provide a response.
  • Click on the links to download copies of important documents where applicable

When you have completed the form, click the Submit Form button.

Remember to complete one form for each of your children.