In 2019, OneSchool Global truly unites as a global school as all 130 campuses across the globe carry our new global brand.  As you all know Sterling Education has now become OneSchool Global – North America.


What does this mean for you?


Changes to Your Email Address

Alongside the re-brand, IT work is happening across the globe to align our global email domains. 

  • As part of this change, the North American email domains will switch to the domain “@na.oneschoolglobal.com”. 
  • Staff, student, and volunteers previously with “@sterling.education” email addresses will automatically be assigned a “@na.oneschoolglobal.com” email address.
  • You will still have the same password to gain access to your accounts.  
  • This new email address will be used to log into email/webmail, office365, Canvas, and Zoom.  Other systems will eventually be updated as well.
  • Don’t worry, you will still be able to see and receive emails sent to the old “@sterling.education” email address.  


Email Rebrand Weekend AUG 17-18, 2019

During the weekend of August 17-18, 2019 changes and updates will occur.  Please see the items below:

  • During this time you may notice period downtime to Email, OneDrive, Zoom, PowerSchool and Canvas
  • Email in Outlook and Mobile Devices will continue to work as expected.  When your accounts are completely updated you can re-authenticate, if prompted, but please use your new “@na.oneschoolglobal.com” email address as your username.
  • Access to Office.com, OneDrive, Office 365 and other browser based access may begin to fail out when your active sessions expires.  When you attempt to log back on, you will need to use your new “@na.oneschoolglobal.com” email address as your username.
  • If you have a Zoom account, it will require you to use your new “@na.oneschoolglobal.com” email address as your username.
  • Canvas access for staff and students will be updated as well during the weekend and be inaccessible at times.  The login page for Canvas will remain at https://canvas.na.oneschoolglobal.com.  After the transition you will be able to login using your Microsoft 365 credentials.
  • PowerSchool will remain accessible throughout this transition as your login does not involve your email address.


Format of New Email Addresses


Access to Campus Laptops

For the time being username and passwords previously used to log onto staff, teacher and student laptops will be unaffected.  Please continue to log on using your username and password.



While it is intended for things to happen as seamlessly as possible, as with any change of this nature, there may be some minor issues that we will work to resolve.  Beginning on the morning of August 19th please email support@na.oneschoolglobal.com with any issues you may have.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we finalize these re-branding steps!!