Streamline3 Version and higher will have a new “Student Mode” available. This allows Staff to switch between Staff and Student profiles and check online resources. This will assist with future programming of online resources and allow for requesting of blocked sites before they are required.

Open Streamline3 and Check Version

  • Click on the icon tray up arrow, bottom right corner of your screen
  • Double click on the Streamline3 icon 


Under the wording Streamline3 you will see the version number.  Ensure that the Version of Streamline is at least or higher.






To switch to Student Internet Filter

  • From the top of the window, select the Internet Access Tab.
  • The new Student Internet Filter section will appear at the bottom.
  • Click on the Activate button to start the “Student Mode”.

  • After clicking Activate you will see that Student Mode is Currently Active




Test online resource while in Student Mode

  • Go to your online resource and you will be able to see if the resource is blocked or allowed for students.
  • Example below is in “Student Mode”.







To switch back to Staff Safe Search Mode

  • Remember to switch back to “Safe Search Internet Filter” after doing your testing.
  • From the top of the window, select the Internet Access Tab
  • Select the “Activate” button next to “Safe Search Internet Filter