Audience: Students of OneSchool Global North America

What is happening?

OneSchool Global is moving to a Cloud based solution for managing devices, printing and scanning, which is a shift from the traditional local based physical hardware that performs these functions. 

The change allows OneSchool Global to utilise new technologies and support the growing use of cloud servers and provide a newer approach to collaboration, access, and security.


What will change?

  • Your laptop will be joined to the Intune cloud management server that will allow us to manage your computer even if you are not at school.
  • Your Document, Desktop and Picture files will be synchronized to OneDrive.
  • When you get your laptop back, you will need to use your full email address as your username along with your email password. These are the same details you currently use to sign into Canvas. Please check that you have a record of your email address and password so you do not lock yourself out of your laptop.


What do You need to do prior to this?

  • Read the information in this email so you understand what this project is all about.
  • Ensure you leave your device and power adaptor is returned to your Campus at the designated date your school is collecting devices, typically this is on or before June 19, 2020.
  • Label your device and adaptor if you can with your Name and Current Grade Level (not next year’s grade level). If other direction has been provided by your campus principal, please follow those instructions.
  • Backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks and any Sticky Notes you may have before handing your laptop in. (see Checklist attached)
  • MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS EMAIL: Ensure that all files that you wish to keep are saved in your Desktop, Documents or Pictures folders on your computer.  Only those files within those folders will be made available to you when you return from Summer break.
  • Ensure that you have removed any non-school related files you have on your device. A new monitoring and reporting tool is activated and it reports on file that are inside your OneDrive storage.  


What will happen to my existing data?

Your existing data will be synced back to the servers and then automatically moved to OneDrive. When you open File Explorer in the fall when the 2020-2021 school year begins, you will see a link to a “OneDrive – OneSchool North America” folder which is connected to the cloud service. Inside there is are folders called ArchivedDesktop and ArchivedDocuments folders and your existing data will be moved there for you. 

You will also see new folders inside OneDrive, please do not delete them. If you save any data on the Desktop, in Documents or the Pictures folders it will be automatically stored into these folders and synchronise to OneDrive protecting them. If you delete these folders, you will also remove them from those locations on the device.



OneDrive is 1 Terabyte of cloud storage where you can store your own data that is accessible on any device, anywhere you are connected to the internet. 

Currently the Documents/Desktop folders synchronises to the local server and is only available your current PC, so if you are away from the campus and you do not have this device, you cannot access your school work.

During this change, your Documents/Desktop folders will be connected to your OneDrive folder so your data will be accessible as you need it. You can still use the Documents folder as you do, all data inside will automatically store and be protected.


OneDrive File Monitoring

The files you store on your laptop and into OneDrive are monitored as well. OneDrive is there to store your schoolwork and non-school related files should never be kept or shared. The monitoring tool inspects and reports on the files that you stored inside the computer and OneDrive, it also reports on files and folders that you have shared with other students. So, unless the sharing is under the instruction of your Teacher, it should not be used.


Email reports\alerts to Parents, Principals and Campus Administrators are issued when folders or files are shared and also the type of files located. The system monitors will ask you to look at the files reported and remove them if they are not for school purposes. 


Protected Folders will automatically be turned on

This means 3 specific common folders will automatically merge into your OneDrive folder and start syncing. 

  • Desktop – this is a synchronised copy of your working desktop. If you store data directly onto the main desktop screen, it will be protected automatically. Important that you do not delete this folder, or all your shortcuts and files on the desktop screen will be deleted as well..
  • Pictures – this is where pictures taken are stored.
  • Documents – this is the most common folder for storing data. Your existing data will be accessible and from this point, when you choose and save a file into a folder under ‘Documents’ the file will automatically sync with OneDrive. 


Please note that the Downloads folder can’t be sync with OneDrive. To take advantage of the ‘Auto Save’ feature built into Microsoft Office, please save downloaded files to a folder within OneDrive before working on them.   


Other great features

For further important information on other OneDrive features including Files on Demand, File Restore and Version History, please read the attached ‘OneDrive – Features’ guide.